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Special Force - DFI GamesEdit

The all-new Special Force Philippines powered Dragonfly Interactive Games. To download Special Force Philippines, just click here.

About the new DFI PatcherEdit

The DFI Patcher allows to the user up-to-date version of Spcial Force - DFI Games monthly. Automatically, installation is automatic. This feature allows to view monthly weapon promo. To get the featured item, just follow the instructions below the item.


First of all, you choose a clan before you play if you are a beginner. The Yawz clan is an example, Yawz clan is aiming to be the largest clan in SF History. The founder of Yawz Clan is Jan Daniel E. Saclolo , a 3rd year teenage boy, who was like playing games, but not addicted. This is throughout to defeat the Game Masters in the clan war. This is biggest reward for the Yawz clan. Even though the Game Masters are powerful, if all players have to unite and trust themselves, we will win the fight. The Yawz clan is the perfect clan to fight the Game Masters.

Yawz ClanEdit

Yawz Clan is created by Jan Daniel because of inspiration of Mary Eunice S. Torres , his assistant officer. The name Yawz is short name for Eunice (Yawnice). The letter Z was added at the last part for nice looking word.

Game MastersEdit

The Game Masters are the Event Moderators,


In Games, it has always a cheat. An example is Wall-hack. Wall-hack allows you to see enemies even they are blocked by walls and boxes. This Wall-Hack is not safe for users, because if the GM saw that you are using a cheat, they will deactivated your account.

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